• Minimise cultural risk

  • Make change work

  • Grow high-performing leaders

  • Develop effective strategies

  • Build resilient teams

  • Develop inclusive organisations

Cultural Risk

UGM are experts in cultural risk. We help businesses minimise risk that arises from cultural differences - not only cross-border but also challenges arising from a multi-cultural workforce. In particular, we help organisations increase their Asia capability.


A surprisingly high number of change projects fail to deliver on expectations. UGM equips organisations to better handle change by increasing in-house change capability via advisory services, including executive coaching, and training programs.


Leadership capability is consistently among the top few concerns of senior leaders. UGM offers wide-ranging leadership development services from diagnostics and development of customised programs to training programs and executive coaching.


Strategy plays a vital role in ensuring that everyone in the organisation aligns efforts in a way that delivers desired outcomes. UGM can help you develop strategy as well as cultivate strategic capability within your organisation through training.

Team Building

Teams play an important role in delivering strategic outcomes in businesses. Yet, there's often much room for improving teaming behaviours and for operating more inclusively. UGM helps teams and organisations achieve these outcomes.

Org Development

UGM has extensive expertise in helping clients develop robust organisations. Research shows that focusing on organisational health alone delivers greater returns than focusing only on performance. Ideally focus on both dimensions.