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Getting gender balance 'unstuck': Taking action

Hardly a fortnight goes by without the release of yet another report extolling the value proposition of having more women at senior levels. In fact, the quantity of articles highlighting the need for gender balance, mostly on boards but also increasingly in senior management ranks has exploded in the past few years. Yet there is still very little real gender balance progress!

In this thought leadership article by UGM, published first in the March 2016 edition of Governance Directions (publication of Governance Institue of Australia), we take a strategic and action-focused perspective, with a view to getting gender balance unstuck!

  1. Despite the need to address gender imbalance, especially in senior management ranks, progress has been slow.
  2. We observe that the over-focus on unconscious bias is impeding progress.
  3. We identify five strategic areas that involve a substantial strategic shift away from prevailing practice to address gender imbalance.

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