UGM collaborates globally

UGM enjoys close collaborations with a number of organisations, both in Australia and internationally.

Centre For Inter-cultural Development - UK

CICDThe Centre for Intercultural Development (CI-CD) is a research and training organisation, specialising since 1978 in Cross-cultural Communication.

Working in partnership with Diversity Works Ltd., CI-CD is the hub of a network of leading consultants in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, USA and India. CI-CD facilitates direct access to consultancy with authoritative experts on the practical applications of cross-cultural communication. Its director is John Twitchin, BA Oxon, FCIPD, who has created many award-winning training videos for BBC TV on this topic in conjunction with Professor John Gumperz, University of California, Berkeley, world-leading pioneer in the field of applied socio-linguistics. Many productions have won Training Media Awards. For instance, the DVD ‘Crosstalk’ has been BBC TV’s most widely used and longest continuously selling training film.

Mcbassi & company - USA

McBassiMcBassi & Company has a unique approach that helps companies improve business results through people management. They work with senior executives to move beyond intuition by rigorously and precisely identifying the human drivers of results. Organisations that partner with McBassi & Company know exactly where to spend their time and resources – and where to stop wasting money.

First priority is using the right measures. McBassi & Company assesses organisations through the lens of its own breakthrough research. Their unique proprietary tools allow them to go far beyond traditional employee engagement factors. McBassi & Company leads the industry in measuring the most critical human capital drivers to success.

The second stage is using the right analytics. The industry-leading McBassi People Index® uses powerful analytics to produce actionable insight into the unique people drivers of business results. Quite simply, this is the business intelligence needed to achieve a sustainable advantage.

Finally, McBassi & Company provides clients with the business intelligence to develop the right action plan. Consequently, clients enjoy increased sales, higher retention rates and improved safety through highly focused refinements to their workforce strategies. McBassi & Company has learned from experience that creating laser-like precision for people management initiatives leads to world-class performance and an enhanced bottom line.

Women On Boards - Australia

WOBWomen on Boards (WOB) started as an informal network in 2001 and was founded as a company in 2006 to improve the gender balance on Australian boards. WOB partners with the corporate, government and non-profit sectors to hold events, host programs, create opportunities for women and coach and mentor them into career and director roles.

More than 36,000 women from all sectors and industries across Australia and the UK are registered with Women on Boards. The network has a large percentage of experienced and highly qualified female executives many of who are already professional non-executive directors or combining board work with their career roles.

Women on Boards has helped large numbers of women gain board positions.

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