Women and the Asian Century Report

UGM and Women On Boards are pleased to share our popular report, 'Women and the Asian Century: Women's Perspectives in 2013'.

The Women and the Asian Century report, featured on AusBizAsia and highlighted in a LinkedIn post by business executive Kimberley Cole, provides insights into roles that Australian women are playing in business between Australia and the Asian region. It also usefully shares highlights and obstacles that the respondents have faced along the way. Critically, the report suggests ways in which women considering an Asia-oriented role can become 'Asia Ready'.

Click this link to download the 'Women and the Asian Century'" report.

Here's the video, for easy reference.

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UGM adopts an evidence-based, cultural intelligence approach to the related issues of cultural diversity, cultural awareness and international business. This develops an Asia capable workforce as well as one which is culturally competent in global settings. We focus on the cultural competence needed to implement strategic plans. This involves developing specific intercultural (or cross cultural) skills to behave effectively and appropriately in relation to cultural differences. It may also include consideration of unconscious bias and building inclusive cultures.

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