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Team Building & Group Facilitation

UGM Team Building & Group Facilitation Services

What kind of support are you looking for? We can help you in a variety of ways with team building and group facilitation.

  • Advisory services: Having difficulties because the top team isn't working well together? Is there a project team that you're wanting to bond into a strong unit when their work starts? Or, maybe there's a team that's become quite toxic and you want to take some action but aren't sure what to do? UGM's experts are available to give you a fresh, unbiased assessment and advice on possible ways forward.
  • Training programs: Would you like the senior team to work through communication challenges via a short formal program? Do you have a team where members would benefit from understanding each other's preferred work styles? Are you looking to provide your managers with insight and inspiration to build their own inclusive teams? UGM has a variety of programs to help you address these types of issues in the business. If needed, we can even develop a customised program for your unique situation. Our experts can also equip your in-house team to run UGM programs through our Train the Trainer options.
  • Executive coaching & issue focused business coaching: You may be needing one-on-one executive coaching relating to team challenges for senior leaders? This is not an uncommon request for members of the C-Suite or staff filling mission-critical roles where 'failure is not an option'. In addition to expertise in the field, members of the UGM team are also qualified and experienced executive coaches. We're also comfortable coaching and supporting small teams with particular challenges.
  • Diagnostics, assessment and analysis: We offer clients a range of specialist diagnostic tools for teams, including a number (e.g. UGM Team Behaviours Profile and UGM Trust Inventory) which are provided complimentary with particular interventions and programs.
  • Facilitation: Are you looking to run a half- or one day workshop for your section, division or perhaps the whole business? Wanting to avoid the 'talking heads' approach which is often a 'turn-off' and lacks inclusion? We have the experience and proven processes to craft an interactive event where people feel they have an opportunity to participate actively.
  • Conference Keynotes / Presentations: Are your looking for an expert to speak on aspects of cultivating and sustaining strong teams at your next conference? UGM people regularly deliver keynotes and conference presentations across Australia and also internationally. Our speakers focus on building inclusive teams, approaching the topic from a range of business-relevant angles. We always inject fresh ideas and the latest research-based thinking into our presentations.


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Benefits of using UGM Team Building & Group Facilitation Services

Using UGM to help you with team building and group facilitation:

  • ensures that you get the most up-to-date, evidence-based thinking.

  • accesses processes and methodologies that are always 'fit-for-purpose' and get the job done well.
  • equips you with a suite of practical tools that your people can cascade through the organisation.
  • delivers proven, practical solutions that work.
  • connects you with experts who integrate related fields, such as strategy, leadership, engagement and cultural competence.

UGM Approach to Team Building and Group Facilitation

Our approach to team building and group facilitation includes:

  • cultivating an inclusive climate, aiming to build and sustain strong teams and foster high quality contributions during group facilitation sessions.
  • using practical tools that help the team or group analyse and diagnose their context and use an evidence-based approach to determine future action.
  • equipping and encouraging team members to take responsibility for 'team maintenance' behaviours and ensuring processes are in place to ensure positive outcomes following the group facilitation process.

Over the past few decades, teams have become the preferred way through which the vast majority of organisational objectives are delivered. Although there is an understandable focus on manager accountability, this means that some of the more complex and subtle aspects of team functioning are frequently under-acknowledged or overlooked.

In the age of the network, where information and resources are widely distributed and available, businesses often need to spend more time equipping teams to make the best of these changed conditions. Fostering inclusion of team members in all aspects of team life is vital. Highly effective team members may not have managerial accountability, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't exercise leadership. Members of high performing teams regularly step up and exercise leadership and all teams ought to have that mode of operating as a core goal.

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UGM Team Development and Group Facilitation Case Studies

Meeting the specific needs of clients means that UGM embarks on a wide array of assignments. Our Case Studies represent a small cross-section of our portfolio of experience, providing brief insights into how we have helped many clients. Contact us to learn about the numerous other projects we've worked on over 30 years in business.

Building a strong senior team

A large client combined a number of small but previously autonomous divisions into a single business unit. As part of a broad suite of interventions, UGM supported the unit head and the new Senior Team to work together more effectively. A formal executive level skills development program included having the team work together during the program to complete specific business tasks. The team learned a new shared set of skills, refreshed their thinking and worked more closely than usual in a facilitated environment. In addition, team members subsequently received one-on-one executive coaching to support the transition to a different operating structure and environment. Overall, the team building was successful and the business unit successfully met it's integration and performance targets.

Helping a key team work together more effectively

A team of specialists that was critical to the success of the business was functioning below par. The executive in charge of the team noted a distinct lack of team-oriented behaviours. Although there wasn't much disagreement or conflict, there just wasn't very much collaboration. This aspect was challenging since members of the team worked in different parts of the business and a sharing of knowledge was seen as crucial for team and business success. UGM ran a team diagnostic ahead, looking at how essential team behaviours were perceived and experienced. The team also completed an assessment on individual work preferences which was shared during the half-day team building workshop. The executive in charge of the team reported a marked improvement in collaboration following the session.

Being inclusive to resolve a divisional training challenge

The General Manager heading a divisional team of over 100 staff wanted to address concerns raised about training within the division as part of a divisional day away from the office. UGM developed a highly interactive half-day session which involved all 100 team members discussing and analysing the key challenges and then submitting proposals that would resolve the challenges. Thus those in the division who had been concerned about training were able to have direct input - both sharing their concerns and assuming shared responsibility for developing a range of acceptable and achievable solutions. The General Manager was extremely happy with the high level of participation of all members in the division and also satisfied that outcomes of the exercise helped resolve the identified challenges.

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UGM Research relating to team building

  • Personal Influence at Work
  • Summary of Personal Influence at Work research study

  • UGM Briefings relating to team building and group facilitation

  • How followers exercise leadership in everyday contexts
  • Boost your team with switching
  • Global Teams Managing Motivation and Performance
  • When teams work - and when they don't
  • What can you learn from Elizabeth Grove?

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    UGM Team Building and Group Facilitation Programs

    UGM has a range of proven team building and group facilitation programs - this means you'll find a well-targeted program that will suit the specific needs of your people, no matter their level of cultural experience or seniority in the business.

  • 'Cultural Diversity at Work' - support managers with culturally diverse teams - customisable level and length
  • 'Cultural Diversity at Work' - support career pogression for migrants to Australia - customisable level and length
  • 'Build an Inclusive Culture' Program for more inclusive teams - customisable level and length
  • UGM's Eight Steps To Success: Leadership training and career progression program - customisable level and length
  • Building Effective Teams: 1/2day-1day, customisable level
  • Strengthening the Senior Team: 1/2day-2 day (modular version available), Senior Leadership Team
  • Effective Influence at Work (team focus): 1/2-1 day, customisable level
  • Group Facilitation Activity: 1.5 hour-1 day, customisable level

  • We always tweak a program to align closely with client needs. If required, we can develop a fully customised program for your business.


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