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Strategy Development & Strategy Facilitation

UGM Strategy Development Services

What do you need? Here are a variety of ways in which UGM can help with strategy development. Our focus is on equipping organisations to deliver better in-house strategy development and implementation.

  • Advisory services: Wondering about more effective ways of developing your business strategy? How can you avoid the 'same old, same old' approach that doesn't inspire? What about crafting a strategy plan that people actually use? UGM can provide expert advice on alternatives for developing effective business strategy in-house.
  • Training programs: Are you concerned that your leaders aren't being strategic enough in their approach? Is there room for more variety in strategy development and execution processes in your business? Are you thinking about how a common language and approach to strategy might reduce the risk of failure and boost the bottom line? UGM has training programs that will enhance strategic capability within the business, including working more effectively as a result of a shared approach and set of powerful strategic tools.
  • Executive coaching & issue focused business coaching: Are there senior leaders who need to be more strategic but who won't admit this or most certainly wouldn't be up for a formal training program? One-on-one executive coaching can support senior people in working through challenges they have with strategic thinking and strategy implementation. The UGM team are experienced executive coaches, also able to provide similar support to key teams.
  • Diagnostics, assessment and analysis: Do you want to review or measure aspects of your strategy and implementation? The UGM team are skilled in collecting, analysing and diagnosing how strategy and it's implementation is progressing. We also offer clients a range of specialist diagnostic tools, some of which are provided complimentary with particular interventions or programs.
  • Facilitation: Are you looking for a robust and proven strategy development process? Maybe you're looking for ways to free all the strategy team up to be able to participate equally in the strategy development process? UGM can help you with a robust process, including using a range of tools selected for your unique business context. We offer engaged facilitation and challenge the teams assumptions, data and conclusions as needed - we don't just passively capture comments on a white board!
  • Conference Keynotes / Presentations: Are you looking for an expert to speak on particular aspects of strategy development at your next conference? UGM people regularly deliver keynotes and conference presentations across Australia and also internationally. Topics include developing strategies for addressing cultural risk in business, using an influencing approach to increase successful implementation of developed strategies and developing strategies for building diverse and inclusive cultures.


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Benefits of using UGM Strategy Services

Using UGM to help you with strategy development / strategy facilitation:

  • delivers proven, practical solutions that work
  • equips you and your people with a suite of practical tools that can cascade through the organisation, adding additional value through a legacy of skills and processes applicable to other projects
  • increases buy-in and impact because we support your people, rather than substituting for them
  • connects you with expertise that integrates related fields, such as strategy implementation, change management and leadership
  • ensures that you get the most up-to-date, evidence-based thinking
  • establishes a supportive partnership, for your current and future challenges

UGM Approach to Strategy

Our approach to strategy development includes:

  • formulating a long-range strategic plan, utilising a proven strategy development process, comprising a set of practical analytical tools.
  • developing organisational or business unit strategy that has buy-in, because people are actively engaged during the process we expertly facilitate.
  • using a set of customised tools that engage (and challenge) the strategy team


The approach UGM takes to strategic planning involves stepping you and your team through a carefully chosen sequence of robust thinking tools, tailored to your organisation’s particular business challenges. We find the UGM 6Ps of Performance is helpful in developing a complete strategic and implementation plan. Research studies and our own experience over many years of strategy facilitation consistently demonstrate that visual tools help to focus diverse minds and thinking styles. They provide both stimulus and structure and ensure a senior team is able to think well together.


This matters because the very significant degree of complexity facing organizations today means that no single individual (no matter how senior, knowledgeable or talented) can devise the best way forward by thinking entirely alone. You need all the brain power you can get! There’s no room in a modern, successful organization for the old hero-leader who comes to work on a Monday morning with a complete strategic plan that they devised alone over the weekend. It doesn’t work and they rarely get the buy in and engagement they need.

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UGM Strategy Development Case Studies

Meeting the specific needs of clients means that UGM embarks on a wide array of assignments. Our Case Studies represent a small cross-section of our portfolio of experience, providing brief insights into how we have helped many clients. Contact us to learn about the numerous other projects we've worked on over 30 years in business.

Taking a new strategic direction in Australia

Our client, the Australian operation of a global corporation, asked us to help them develop a new strategy for their business. While current business performance was solid, it was recognised that strategic opportunities in their highly innovative, competitive marketplace were possibly being overlooked. Over two days, we used the UGM 'engaged facilitation approach' (where we challenge and critique thinking, rather than simply gathering people's ideas) to press the team to think innovatively about the future market and the type of business they would need to prosper in the changed, future environment. At the end of the strategy process, which also took the team through a customised set of strategy tools to support strategic analysis and decision making, the team decided that operations needed to be restructured going forward. This represented a quantum leap in thinking and also a major strategic change, to which all parties readily subscribed. Prior to the strategy workshop, even mentioning a change in structure would have been met with hostile rejection. The team left the strategy workshop united and with absolute clarity about what business they were in, what drove their value, and which strategies they would be pursuing to reinvigorate their pitch to market both in the present and in the future.

Where to next? Plotting a strategy for a start-up software business

Having operated for a few years as a small software start-up business, our client had reached a major cross-roads. Like many small businesses, there were many challenges, each leading the business in a different direction. Significantly, it was not at all clear to the owners what all the options were, or what impact each would have on business success. Conducting a thorough scan of the current and future business environment, both internally and externally, was a key priority. Up until that point, the business had not invested this amount of time or energy into conducting a detailed strategic analysis. On completing the scan, priorities for maximising value became crystal clear. Specific plans for transitioning the business for sale were also developed. The business subsequently implemented the generated action plans according to their priority. The end result was successful sale of the business, exactly as had been planned in the strategy session some 15 months earlier.

Supporting Strategic Mental Health Reform for 16 Asian Countries

In August 2009, 45 senior representatives from the mental health sectors in sixteen Asian countries met in Melbourne, as part of the Asia Australia Mental Health Project. Their goal was to translate the World Health Organisation (WHO) Framework into a strategic plan for mental health reform across Asia. UGM was asked to design and facilitate a dynamic and engaging strategic thinking process that would support this large and very diverse group to arrive at a two year action plan. WHO officials from London and Oslo also attended the event as observers, as they were keen to learn from what happened in Melbourne. The first step for UGM was thorough research and preparation. This helped us to design a highly customised process aimed at achieving two goals: support strategic thinking and planning on the day; and provide a robust yet straightforward process that those present could own then roll out in their own countries over the next eight months. The day began with a structured brainstorm, known as 'World Café'. This brought data and innovative ideas to the surface. Then delegates worked systematically through a suite of UGM thinking tools to create their strategic plan. Since August, delegates have successfully begun to implement the UGM process across Asia, building stakeholder engagement for their change agenda.

Assoc Prof Chee Ng, Director of Melbourne University's International Psychiatric Unit and WHO Director for the Asia Pacific, described the strategic planning day as follows: "I found that the preparation for the conference was fully consultative resulting in a context-specific approach to achieve the key deliverables. While having an enjoyable learning experience at the conference, the audience (40 plus participants) was engaged in lively dialogue, cross-fertilization of ideas and collective brainstorming that could not be achieved by either one party or organisation alone. The most surprising outcome has been the ease of replication of the facilitated group work process in different countries. I have subsequently observed this in Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, which demonstrates the cultural transferability of the techniques and tools. So there has certainly been a ripple effect that UGM has created."

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UGM Strategy Development Programs

UGM has a range of proven programs to craft strategic plans and also to develop strategic thinking and strategy development capability.

  • Managing Strategically - Key strategic thinking perspectives and useful strategy planning tool: 1/2 day, management level
  • Strategy in Action - Simulation: 1/2 day program, management
  • Implement Effectively - The flip side of the strategy coin: 1/2 day, management
  • Strategy facilitation workshop: 1-2 days, strategy team
  • Large group (from 12-200+) strategic input facilitation: 1/2-1 day

  • We always tweak a program to align closely with client needs. If required, we can develop a fully customised program for your business.


    Call us now on +61 2 9964 9861 to discuss your challenges, confidentially and obligation free.

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