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Organisational Development Services

UGM Organisational Development Services

What do you need? Here are a variety of ways in which UGM can help with organisational development. UGM pays particular attention to 'organisational health' as a vital driver of high performance outcomes.

  • Advisory services: Is your organisation's culture less than ideal and maybe contributing to performance challenges? Do you perhaps have concerns about gender balance or cultural diversity and maybe not to sure about the best approach to address it? UGM experts can help you develop insights about your current organisational challenges and how best to tackle them.
  • Training programs: Are you looking for a program that will help establish and sustain a more inclusive culture? Perhaps you're wanting an activity that will allow large numbers of people the opportunity to contribute their perspectives? Or, maybe you're keen to provide development opportunities to a particular group? UGM has a range of training programs that can help you address OD-related matters.
  • Executive coaching & issue focused business coaching: You may be needing one-on-one executive coaching to help with an identified OD problem? This is not an uncommon request for members of the C-Suite or staff filling mission-critical roles where 'failure is not an option'. In addition to expertise in the field, members of the UGM team are also qualified and experienced executive coaches. We're also comfortable coaching and supporting small teams with particular challenges.
  • Diagnostics, assessment and analysis: We offer clients a range of specialist diagnostic tools, including a number (e.g. Organisational Culture Assessment, the UGM Trust Inventory and the UGM Personal Influence at Work Questionnaire) which are provided complimentary with particular interventions.
  • Facilitation: Are you concerned about an important OD project which might benefit from expert outside facilitation? Our substantial business experience ensures that you get engaged facilitation, focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for your business. We believe that facilitation is much more than just capturing ideas from the room on a white-board!
  • Conference Keynotes / Presentations: Are your looking for an expert to speak on aspects of organisational development at your next conference? UGM people regularly deliver keynotes and conference presentations across Australia and also internationally. Topics include successfully managing cultural diversity and gender balance, building and sustaining an inclusive culture and delivering successful outcomes through a focus on both organisational health and performance.


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Benefits of using UGM Organisational Development Services

Using UGM to help you with developing organisational culture:

  • delivers proven, practical solutions that work.
  • provides access to a suite of practical and affordable tools, customised for the specific needs of your organisation.
  • ensures that you get the most up-to-date, evidence-based thinking
  • connects you with expertise which integrates related fields, such as leadership, cultural competence, diversity and inclusion and talent management.
  • establishes a supportive partnership, for your current and future challenges.

UGM Approach to Cultural Alignment

Our approach to cultural alignment includes:

  • determining how best to build and sustain an inclusive culture within the organisation.
  • assessing engagement levels using robust, customised tools that can determine and then measure what makes a difference to performance.
  • diagnosing the type of culture that prevails in an organisation, what culture is desired, and help devise action plans for bridging the cultural gap. Additionally, we use our expertise in change management to help implement, manage and monitor culture change plans. .
  • distilling and refining organisational values (or principles which are more flexible), including clarifying what they mean. This includes clearly stating which behaviours are supportive of the values and which behaviours will not be acceptable.



Simply put, organisational culture is ‘How we do things around here’. It includes values (and principles), attitudes and behaviours, played out through work practice. Organisational culture is important for two key reasons. Firstly, as a metric, it's a barometer for the people dimension of your business – do your people enjoy fair weather or foul? Secondly, as well as being an output of all business activities, it is also an essential business input!

Like it or not, we have found that clients and employees continually assess whether what you have promised (either expressly, or through inference) is what is being lived. A large enough mismatch is likely to lead to under-performance and, ultimately, to the loss of the client or staff member. Furthermore, they will probably leave the business unhappy and, research suggests, are likely to share that bad news many more times than clients and staff who might be happy with the business!  In this sense, organisational culture is closely tied to reputation.

UGM uses a multi-lens approach to tackle and solve organisation culture concerns. We usually start an assignment by taking the cultural temperature, using tailored online tools, in-situ observations and interviews.  This serves as a benchmark as well as a diagnostic. Spring-boarding from our analysis, we then apply carefully selected frameworks and customised tools to help you find and implement the most effective approach for the current needs of your business. When promises and practices line up, clients discover that untapped sources of energy are released, supporting business success.

Click here UGM's approach to diversity and inclusion

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UGM Organisational Development Case Studies

Establishing Reasons for Missed Deadlines

An SME had been working on a software project for almost 5 years, yet not making the kind of progress anticipated. UGM used an online diagnostic tool to capture sentiments about organisational culture. This was followed by one-on-one interviews and small focus groups, during which a number of key concerns were identified. UGM identified that a major part of the problem was due to the lack of progress itself and plans were developed to celebrate shorter term milestones. UGM also conducted a group facilitation process which refined the Purpose, Promise and Principles (values) of the business. Following the intervention, the SME reorganised and also tweaked its schedule and both morale and productivity improved, leading to deadlines being met.

Asia-Pacific Division Working Together to Win New Business

The Asia-Pacific team of a global software company spans 9 countries, from India to Japan. The challenge they faced was how to change to an inclusive, high performance culture that would drive financial results in diverse Asian markets. They asked UGM to help them map the way forward. First we ran the UGM Trust Inventory with the top 50 managers across Asia, in order to see how things stood on each of the 10 components of trust. We found different cultural groups saw trust quite differently and had different needs. Then we met with these top 50 managers in Bangkok and helped them address their mismatched assumptions and expectations. They found the best way to meet the needs of the various cultural groups and tap their energies more effectively. The Divisional Head Asia-Pacific said, "UGM's help made a huge difference to our business in Asia, We're thinking differently now. For instance, we were able to redesign our value proposition to better suit China's culture and, as a result, we've just secured two significant deals in a tough market."

UGM Diversity Case Studies

Developing a strategy focusing on cultural diversity

The Australian division of a multi-national professional services company wished to examine its current culture in terms of inclusion. The organisation acknowledged its own workforce was increasingly diverse and, externally, its clients were also more and more diverse. In addition, the Australian division was now required to work closely with divisions in various Asian countries in order to provide a seamless service for clients with international interests. UGM conducted an imaginative research project that centered on a number of 'world café' style large group brainstorming events. In this way, 'ownership' of the project was built from the outset through a highly democratic and interactive methodology. Findings from these events were analysed along with data sets from interviews and document analysis (for instance the performance management system) and a report was provided. The report itself was written in an engaging, graphic rich style where each page was individually designed as a small, visually dynamic poster.

For case studies focusing on cultural diversity see case studies in our section on Cultural Risk & Cultural Competence.

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UGM Organisational Development Programs

UGM has a range of proven programs to develop change management capability - this means you'll find a well-targeted program that will suit the specific needs of your people, no matter their level of cultural experience or seniority in the business.

  • 'Build an Inclusive Culture' Program - customisable level and length
  • The Influence Imperative 1 day influencing skills program, customisable level
  • 'Cultural Diversity at Work' - support managers with culturally diverse teams - varialbe level and length
  • 'Cultural Diversity at Work' - support career pogression for migrants to Australia - variable level, half day works well though timing can be tailored to suit
  • Organisational Values (Principles) Facilitation Activity (12-200+): 1/2-1 day
  • Eight Steps to Success (career development): 1-1.5 day program, customisable level
  • Effective Influence at Work (inclusive culture focus): 1/2-1 day, customisable level

  • We always tweak a program to align closely with client needs. If required, we can develop a fully customised program for your business.


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