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Leadership Development

UGM Leadership Development Services

What do you need? Our expertise in connecting and aligning leadership development with practical business needs will help you get the best value out of your leadership training dollar!

  • Advisory services: Wanting to develop a high-quality leadership development program for your business but not too sure of the best approach? Maybe you're reviewing your current leadership development initiatives? Are you perhaps wondering about leadership training opportunities for different levels or areas within the business? Or, maybe you're wanitng to develop a 'Women in Leadership' program? UGM can provide you with expert advice on developing or implementing high quality, high performing programs.
  • Training programs: Maybe you're wanting to boost your internal leadership capability by upskilling people you consider high potential? Do the C-Suite need a program to help them work better together and display different styles of leadership from at present? Or, you may just be looking for a specific leadership development module to complement your existing program? Whether it's a single haf-day module or a year-long leadership program you have in mind, UGM can help you design and deliver the best solution for your business. This includes a train-the-trainer program for the modules you'd like to deliver in-house.
  • Executive coaching & issue focused business coaching: Do you have a leader that is having difficulties which are impacting on the performance or health of the business? Is there a 'failure is not an option role' where the incumbent isn't up to scratch? UGM team members are skilled executive coaches with strong track records of support for senior leaders or staff in specialist positions.
  • Diagnostics, assessment and analysis: We offer clients a range of specialist leadership-related diagnostic tools, including a number (e.g. Organisational Culture Assessment and UGM Team Behaviours Profile) which are provided complimentary with particular interventions.
  • Facilitation: Are your leaders all themselves wanting to participate in an important event, rather than chairing it? Or, do you have a tricky situation where leaders cannot agree - or successfully resolve - ongoing challenges? UGM provides engaged facilitation services that can help you address these kinds of challenge.
  • Conference Keynotes / Presentations: Are you looking for an expert to speak on aspects of business leadership at your next conference? UGM people regularly deliver keynotes and conference presentations across Australia and also internationally. Topics include leading and managing cultural risk, distributing team leadership to build inclusion and understanding influence to deliver engaging leadership.


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Benefits of using UGM Leadership Development Services

Using UGM to help you with leadership development:

  • ensures that you get the most up-to-date, evidence-based thinking.
  • delivers proven, practical leadership development solutions that work. You'll also add value to the organisation through the work your people do as part of the leadership development experience.
  • equips your people with a suite of practical tools that they can cascade through the organisation. These powerful tools quickly facilitate a common approach and language which delivers synergies and other positive outcomes.
  • connects you with expertise that integrates related fields, such as strategy, change management and cultural competence. This holistic approach means your people learn about leadership as they live it in the workplace, rather than as you find it in text books and most university courses.
  • accesses leadership courses or management courses that are customised for your needs. These include topics such as complex problem solving and decision making, communication skills, team building, culutral competence, strategic thinking and performance management.
  • establishes a supportive partnership, for your current and future challenges.

UGM Approach to Leadership Development

Our approach to leadership development includes:

  • developing or refining a leadership framework as a starting point.
  • providing relevant and engaging leadership courses / management courses, customised for the Senior Leadership Team and executives, middle managers, and high potential individuals. Topics might include complex problem solving and decision making, communication skills, team building, culutral competence, strategic thinking and performance management.
  • offering leadership courses or management courses which apply learning to current business issues.
  • assessing leadership development needs, measuring progress and evaluating outcomes using a suite of robust, customised tools.
  • deliver value back to client organisations through leadership development action learning projects which focus their best and brightest on succesfully resolving key business challenges.
  • support individual leaders through expert Executive Coaching where it's needed to achieve a breakthrough.


At UGM we don’t limit ourselves to the perspectives of a single theory, neither do we constrain our views to those of only a few leadership and management scholars. In fact, we strongly encourage our clients to adopt a similar approach because both research and our own experience show that it maximises the returns on investment in leadership and management development.

Using an evidence-based approach, we extract the very best leadership and management thinking and research findings from leading journals and top leadership and management scholars and practitioners. Then we complement this with our own wide-ranging practical experience (in many diverse industry sectors and organisation types) and independent, original thinking. When clients don't have a leadership framework, or need to review an existing leadership framework, we use our insights and expertise to craft a best-fit framework that addresses the unique needs of their business. We often use customised leadership assessment instruments (for example a customised 360 degree feedback tool) to help us measure and monitor progress. These also help ensure that leadership skills and leadership development initiatives are tightly linked with the context of the organisation.

This leads to us developing a fit-for-purpose approach that always has a primary focus on client business drivers and bottom line returns. Usually this means equipping leaders with the specific skills they will need such as improved change management capability, better strategic planning and implementation, more aware risk management etc. This approach ensures that the organisation and the individual is able to realise immediate, tangible benefits. Management courses and leadership courses might include topics such as complex problem solving and decision making, communication skills, strategic thinking, cultural competence, team building and performance management..

UGM is also able to provide organisations with specialist advice on women in leadership. Dr Margaret Byrne's PhD thesis examined leadership styles used by men and women during meetings, the engine room of leading and managing in most organisations. UGM is able to tailor a leadership course or management course to focus on topics highly relevant to women in leadership and women in management..

Dr Grant Robertson studied distributed team leadership in his doctoral research. In the increasingly interconnected world, that focuses on generating value and competitive advantage from knowledge workers, distributed team leadership is emerging as the form of leadership that will dominate 21st century society and organisations. Clients who have large numbers of knowledge workers might wish to UGM to customise a leadership course or management course that looks specifically at vital aspects of leading and managing in the knowledge economy.

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UGM Leadership Development Case Studies

Meeting the specific needs of clients means that UGM embarks on a wide array of assignments. Our Case Studies represent a small cross-section of our portfolio of experience, providing brief insights into how we have helped many clients. Contact us to learn about the numerous other projects we've worked on over 30 years in business.

Developing Distributed Team Leadership - LEADING AT ALL LEVELS

The Senior Leadership Team of a large division believed that the business would benefit from more of their people showing leadership. UGM worked with teams in the business, using the customised UGM Team Behaviours Profile to analyse leadership behaviours. Teams completed an online questionnaire and feedback about how members in the team were distributing leadership was provided during a team development meeting. Engaged discussions ensued. Importantly, many team members recognised that often they were exercising leadership, even though they weren't aware of it. This also encouraged some to consider stepping up more often. Team members were provided with information on the eight influencing behaviours and took time to reflect on which of the behaviours they contributed most often.

Achieving business transformation through leadership development

A business unit in a large company engaged UGM to assist with leadership transformation over a two-year period. Unsurprisingly, the greatest potential to maximise value from investments in development is when these occur at multi-level. Comparing the 'before' and 'after' demonstrated a remarkable transformation, including setting the unit up for sustained success in a challenging environment. A variety of the iniatives, each major projects in their own right, are detailed separately below. A key focus was working closely with the head of the unit to help determine the most strategic means of achieving desired outcomes, and that executive support continued for the duration of the larger project. In addition, UGM provided highly customised (and tightly aligned and 'on message') support for individual teams as needed. This helped teams solve challenges that might have impeded the overall transformation effort had they not been addressed.  It also had valuable team building benefits. The business unit was also interested in extending its leadership influence more widely in the business and UGM facilitated an open session with interested stakeholders from outside of the business unit. Stakeholders were given the opportunity, at an early stage in the transformation, to contribute their perceptions about the business unit and the way in which it might add overall value. These perceptions and insights were also vital in formulating and finessing what became a compelling CVP. 

Strengthening the Senior Leadership Team

One strand of assistance to a business unit in a large company involved supporting the senior team, including recharting strategic direction and developing a clear Customer Value Proposition (CVP) and Employee Value Proposition (EVP). This was achieved through a specialist senior management course, which included custom developed workshops designed to tackle key business issues. Along the two-year journey we also assisted with strategising and implementing a number of vital senior team personnel changes. The senior team also participated in highly customised leadership development workshops that addressed critical leadership issues in the business, as well as receiving just-in-time, role-oriented executive coaching support relating to both leadership and management in the business. The renwal and strengthening of the Senior Leadership Team had a profound and positive impact on the value the division was able to deliver to the organisation. An invigorated leadership team played a major role in returning the best engagement scores of any division in the company.

Leadership Development for High Potentials

UGM provided an end-to-end leadership development service for high ptoentials, from rigorous selection of participants through to managing the final presentations event at the end of the Program. Emerging leaders participated in a combination leadership course / management course, since developing both leadership and management skills was vital. The Program covered a broad scope of leadership and management topics but there was nevertheless a high degree of customised input which directly addressed strategic alignment and ongoing business challenges. Significant learning was achieved through action learning projects that leaders completed as part of the program. These projects also stimulated discussion within and beyond the division, adding further value. As a result of the outcomes and impact of the first iteration, the 9 month long leadership development / management course for high potentials was repeated. This group of highly talented, motivated and aligned individuals made a leading contribution to the success of transformation, including stepping up and assuming greater responsibility over time.

Empowering middle managers - Working while Learning

Middle-management plays a critical role in the translating strategy into action. However, they are often too busy to attend training for extended periods and are often unhappy with the type of training they receive. UGM ran a managment course / leadership course for a division of a large company, comprising a series of regular 3 hour skills workshops for leaders / managers at this level. The content for the mangagement workshops was chosen on the basis of being immediately relevant, and the highly practical nature meant that managers could bring and progress their work as they participated in the workshop - no down time! In this way their leadership development / management course was tightly aligned with business needs, and the support provided assisted managers move the transformation agenda along while developing leadership and management skills which would benefit themselves and the business in the future. Additionally, these managers were encountering a convergence of messages from the senior team, from the high potentials and also from their people. Topics for middle managers included influencing effectively, persuasion and communication, change management, achieving well-being at work and strategies for the future.

Leadership development for rank and file

As part of the leadership development efforts to achieve transformation in a business unit of a large company, UGM worked with the rank and file members of the business, to model and stimulate the inclusive leadership culture which was desired. People were quite amazed (and subsequently much more enthusiastic and energised) to be asked to participate in building the strategic direction of the unit at a very early stage in the transformation. They also learned about strategy development and how their daily work could contribute to implementing the relevant strategies. They were also able see that their strategic inputs had indeed been heeded, providing the platform for the strategic plan that emerged. People were also invited to attend a couple of short development sessions which addressed important skills, for example around influencing more effectively, that would make a critical difference to service delivery. It is little wonder that engagement scores in this unit soared way above any other unit in the company. Engagement continued to increase over the two year period despite continuous change (usually massive change initially reduces engagement).

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  • UGM Online tools relating to leadership and leadership development

  • Test your views on team leadership by taking our interactive quiz - see how your views sit with some of the latest thinking.

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    UGM Leadership Development Programs

    UGM has a range of proven programs that develop leadership capability, from the general to the specific. This means you'll find a well-targeted program that will suit the specific needs of your people, no matter their level of seniority within the business.

  • 'Cultural Diversity at Work' - supports managers with culturally diverse teams - customisable level (manager through C-Suite) and length
  • Eight Steps To Success: Leadership training and career progression program - customisable level and length (1-2 days)
  • The Influence Imperative 1 day influencing skills program, customisable level
  • Distributing team leadership: 1/2 day program, customisable level
  • Making good decisions in complex contexts: 1/2 day, customisable
  • Effective Performance Management: 1/2 day program, customisable level
  • Using personal influence at work: 1/2 to 1 day program, customisable level
  • Strengthening the Senior Team: 1/2 day-2 day (modular version available), Senior Leadership Team
  • Global Team Success Program: 1 day program for cross-border or multi-cultural senior teams

  • A range of programs listed in the other sections of the website would be of interest to leaders. Please visit those pages for programs relating to strategic leadership, change leadership, leading mult-cultural teams and building strong teams.

    We always tweak a program to align closely with client needs. If required, we can develop a fully customised program for your business.


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