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Change Management Services

UGM Change Management Services

What do you need? Here are a variety of ways in which UGM can help with change management. Our focus is on equipping organisations to deliver in-house change more successfully.

  • Advisory services: Wanting to tackle your change projects in-house but looking for a second opinion? Maybe you've hit a particular change roadblock you need to resolve? UGM can help you review your current situation and advise on alternatives for moving forward.
  • Training programs: Maybe you're wanting to boost your internal change capability by upskilling your change leaders? You may even want to begin an important change project by getting everyone using a common change languange. UGM change management training programs will decrease the chance that change projects in your business end up n the 'failed' or 'not completed' category, which is an all to common outcome globally.
  • Executive coaching & issue focused business coaching: You may be needing one-on-one executive coaching relating to change in general, change management or change leadership for senior leaders? This is not an uncommon request for members of the C-Suite or staff filling mission-critical roles where 'failure is not an option'. In addition to expertise in the field, members of the UGM team are also qualified and experienced executive coaches. We're also comfortable coaching and supporting small teams with particular challenges.
  • Diagnostics, assessment and analysis: We also offer clients a range of specialist diagnostic tools, including a number (e.g. Organisational Culture Assessment and Change Readiness Assessment) which are provided complimentary with particular interventions.
  • Facilitation: Are you concerned about an important change project which might benefit from expert outside facilitation? Our substantial business experience ensures that you get engaged facilitation, focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for your business. We believe that facilitation is much more than just capturing ideas from the room on a white-board!
  • Conference Keynotes / Presentations: Are you looking for an expert to speak on aspects of change management at your next conference? UGM people regularly deliver keynotes and conference presentations across Australia and also internationally. Topics include managing cultural risk in change initiatives and using influence to increase change success.


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Benefits of using UGM Change Management Services

Using UGM to help you with change management:

  • ensures that you get the most up-to-date, evidence-based thinking

  • equips you with a suite of practical tools that your people can cascade through the organisation
  • delivers proven, practical solutions that work
  • connects you with experts who integrate related fields, such as strategy design and strategy implementation, leadership, engagement and cultural competence
  • establishes a supportive partnership, for your current and future challenges

UGM Approach to Change Management

Our approach to change management includes:

  • reducing complex change agendas into a set of achievable initiatives.
  • crafting a set of action plans for change, complete with metrics, resourcing, risk assessment and timelines.
  • assessing change readiness, developing an influential communications strategy, monitoring progress and measuring benefits realisation of change projects.


Change is often complex. It usually touches on a variety of the UGM core focus areas, such as strategy-implementation, leadership, organisational culture, and innovation. If we were designing a change project with you, we would bring a comprehensive, evidence-based approach. We start by synthesising and integrating relevant elements in each of the core areas and then, together with you, distil a customised plan of action that meets your specific requirements. Of vital importance, we focus on developing and enhancing the long term change capability of the people in your organisation. In this way, we avoid any ongoing dependency on consultants and increase the longevity and ROI of our services.

When we develop customised change plans with our clients, we are confident that the principles we use are robust, have been fire-tested, and deliver successful outcomes. In addition to drawing on UGM’s own research, we are also passionate about continually challenging our thinking with the best-in-field in all of our core areas of interest. We enjoy having our own experience-based approaches validated through the research of others, and revel in extending and challenging our thinking. In this way, the UGM team’s business and academic backgrounds enable us to draw on the most up-to-date research findings to complement our proven approaches. The long-term relationships we enjoy with many clients endorse that this approach works in delivering measurable value in the face of change.

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UGM Change Management Case Studies

Meeting the specific needs of clients means that UGM embarks on a wide array of assignments. Our Case Studies represent a small cross-section of our portfolio of experience, providing brief insights into how we have helped many clients. Contact us to learn about the numerous other projects we've worked on over 30 years in business.

Making change work after acquisition

When a company with operations in Australia and Asia was acquired by a European interest, they wanted to partner with a consultant firm that could provide them with an interrelated suite of services including: strategic thinking and business planning; leadership development; change management; and cultural intelligence. To secure this ‘one stop shop’ they came to UGM. We worked with the Australian executive team for more than a year but also worked closely with the Asian executive team, bringing the two together to agree on their purpose and promise going forward. The next step focused on helping them work well with their new ‘owners’, based in Europe. Specific programs were developed to tackle the challenges facing, for instance, staff from Europe operating in China and Australians managing up to the European Headquarters, embedding new approaches in an inclusive, high performance culture. The company met and exceeded their financial targets, with both CEO and CFO winning awards. The HR Director during the transition expressed the company’s gratitude to UGM, and commented on the enduring legacy of skills left within the company, as a result of our work.

Asia-Pacific division working together to win new business

The Asia-Pacific team of a global software company spans 9 countries, from India to Japan. The challenge they faced was how to change to an inclusive, high performance culture that would drive financial results in diverse Asian markets. They asked UGM to help them map the way forward. First we ran the UGM Trust Inventory with the top 50 managers across Asia, in order to see how things stood on each of the 10 components of trust. We found different cultural groups saw trust quite differently and had different needs. Then we met with these top 50 managers in Bangkok and helped them address their mismatched assumptions and expectations. They found the best way to meet the needs of the various cultural groups and tap their energies more effectively. The Divisional Head Asia-Paicific said, "UGM's help made a huge difference to our business in Asia, We're thinking differently now. For instance, we were able to redesign our value proposition to better suit China's culture and, as a result, we've just secured two significant deals in a tough market."

Review of strategic change project to assess its lack of progress

Prior to engaging us, our large corporate client had embarked on the implementation of a technology change project. Despite very detailed project plans, and the investment of inordinate amounts of people's time, the project had experienced significant delays. The UGM team conducted a strategic review of all aspects of the project, largely through interviews with a variety of stakeholders and the application of our customised suite of tools. We found that although there had been some small benefits, key project deliverables had not been achieved, largely due to a lack of common purpose. Essentially, because the crucial buy-in phase had not been successfully negotiated up-front, subsequent buy-in and support had only been superficial. This would likely plague the project going forward and, additionally, people were change fatigued. Since the project had dragged on for over two years, it was unlikely that it would achieve its objectives without a substanital rework and additional investment. As a result of our review the project was terminated in its present form, a key strategic decision that would prevent any further resources being wasted. This also allowed the organisation to focus on conerns of a higher priority.

Changing evaluation methods to boost strategy implementation

Our client, a business unit within a high-impact not for profit, wished to make changes to better align strategic activities for greater impact. They had a measurement system in place that was helpful but needed some tightening. Essentially, they wanted to be sure that people were focusing scarce resources on projects and activities that made a difference. UGM undertook a review of the performance measures in place to identify the key drivers of value for the business unit. Our evidence-based approach meant that we determined which factors "moved the strategic needle" via internal consultation and scanning the most relevant, current academic literature. This was also key to buy-in, since the measurement system previously hadn't always enjoyed full support. UGM helped the organisation craft a range of performance measures that were more clearly defined and most closely aligned with driving strategic value. Instead of wasting time measuring and reporting on elements that had relatively little impact on desired outcomes, management and staff were able to focus more on those critical few elements that really made a difference to strategic performance. In addition to being able to monitor performance indicators that would have the biggest impact, staff were also made aware of how they might prioritise their time. When faced with a choice between tasks, staff were able to choose actitivities known to generate the greatest value. Benefits of the project included measuring elements that were tightly linked with performance and direction and providing a shared focus on those activities to be prioritised for optimal use of available resources.

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UGM White Papers relating to change management

  • Read our White Paper, The UGM Approach to Managing Change

  • UGM Briefings relating to change management

  • Leading continuous change [Pdf]
  • Some uncomfortable truths about unconscious bias
  • Championing change using 9 things successful people do differently
  • Are you making common, avoidable change mistakes?
  • Decision Time
  • THE GFC and the 7 indicators of change-success
  • Influence - Weapon or Tool?

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    UGM Change Management Programs

    UGM has a range of proven programs to develop change management capability - this means you'll find a well-targeted program that will suit the specific needs of your people, no matter their level of seniority within the business.

  • Managing the Change Response: 1/2 day program, customisable level
  • Implementing Change - A practical toolkit: 1/2 day program, customisable level
  • Effective Change Initiatives: 1 day program, customisable level
  • Using influence to increase change success: 1/2 or 1 day program, change leaders

  • We always tweak a program to align closely with client needs. If required, we can develop a fully customised program for your business.


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