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Cultural Diversity: Build a more inclusive culture

Build a more inclusive culture and benefit from diversity

Many businesses now realise that diversity by itself adds little value. It may even intensify risk and challenges. In contrast, an inclusive culture and inclusive leadership unlock diversity dividends such as innovation, growth and reduced stress.

UGM assists organisations build and sustain an inclusive culture that automatically encompasses more traditional, single-focus initiatives such as those focusing on gender diversity, cultural diversity, or sexual orientation. The net benefit is that efforts don't just improve the lot of a single diversity grouping (which may be labelled somewhat exclusive) : instead, the benefits are truly inclusive!

Benefits of UGM's 'Build an Inclusive Culture' Program

  1. Deliver business benefits from diversity that exists in your workplace
  2. Move beyond focusing on ‘unconscious bias’ to inclusive behaviours that deliver strategic outcomes
  3. Equip your people and leaders to respond more productively to the broad range of diversity groupings in your organisation, not just a select few
  4. Raise awareness of diversity and inclusion through a useful framework applicable in your context
  5. Ensure individuals make the vital personal connection with content through sensitively crafted, research-based material and practical ‘next steps’
  6. Help leaders adopt a more inclusive leadership style by providing them with a range of leader behaviours that support an inclusive culture

UGM's Powerful Three Step Process

  1. The Cognitive Step involves raising awareness of diversity issues, challenges and the rationale behind having an inclusive culture. A broad framework for understanding is provided through straightforward, non-confronting tasks that are nevertheless very engaging. Participants become more aware of their own attitudes and develop trust in the presenter’s credibility. In a follow-on team-based activity participants share insights relating to how style differences contribute to team success.
  2. The Experiential Step is necessarily more personally challenging and the debrief and discussion a little more confronting. This change in focus is essential for critical insights to be generated or reinforced. These insights relate to concerns and perceived challenges that may act as a barrier to eventual change in culture and leadership style. Carefully selected activities, and suitable preparation in Step 1 (Cognitive Step), ensure that an appropriately secure climate is created for reflection and discussion. The process itself demonstrates the inclusive principles being learned.
  3. The Practical Step focuses on examining new behaviours and new skills that contribute to building and sustaining a more inclusive culture (and a more inclusive leadership style). It highlights that when any culture change is undertaken there is a tendency to unconsciously slip back to the old comfort of the status quo. Participants take part in an exercise that builds insights relating to exactly what we mean by an inclusive organisational culture, how it is developed and how it is maintained. This includes taking a closer look at behaviours used by inclusive leaders. For many, this includes learning about a wide range of new behaviours they can use to be more inclusive at work. Participants are left with a lot to consider at the end of the exercise. The closing activity involves participants selecting small, positive actions they can implement straight away to personally contribute towards a more inclusive culture.

Customised to your needs

The UGM three step process is used to craft a program that best fits with each client's context. This means programs are tailored according to the needs of participant groupings and time available.

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UGM adopts an evidence-based, cultural intelligence approach to the related issues of cultural diversity, cultural awareness and international business. This develops an Asia capable workforce as well as one which is culturally competent in global settings. We focus on the cultural competence needed to implement strategic plans. This involves developing specific intercultural (or cross cultural) skills to behave effectively and appropriately in relation to cultural differences. It may also include consideration of unconscious bias and building inclusive cultures.

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